Talent Search
Talent Search
Understanding the time-sensitive nature of talent searches, 360Sonar utilizes a comprehensive approach, incorporating our extensive personnel network, subject matter expertise, world-class search tools, and high-touch approach, to quickly target and place the most qualified candidates for your business.
Our Candidates
You will have confidence in knowing all candidates are thoroughly vetted prior to presentation. Your hiring managers will only see candidates who represent the best talent around and are hand-selected for your consideration, including key data points regarding work history, relevant qualifications, and compensation requirements.
Candidate Services
Our goal is not just to find you a great job, but an amazing career. We take the time to meet with you and to discuss your background and goals, and we will never send your resume to a client without your approval. The only opportunities presented will be those that are mutually agreed to be a great fit. 360Sonar also provides valuable job-search tips and career coaching to help you optimize your career search.

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November 13th 2018by Jim Krouskop

Memes come and go quickly on the internet, but there is still wisdom to be gained from one that made the rounds a few years ago. ‘YOLO’ stood for ‘You only live once,’ and it was mainly used to…

October 10th 2018by Jim Krouskop

I once told a friend that nine out of ten people will believe what you say if you say it with authority. This was several years ago. Since then we’ve had several politicians and media outlets test…

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